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Day 9: Rooibos Part 2–Green and…Chocolate!

Green Rooibos If you do any research on the topic, an assertion you’ll see floating around the internet a lot is that “red rooibos is fermented while green rooibos is not.” While it’s true that the red rooibos undergoes processing… Continue Reading →

Day 8: Rooibos

To Tea, or Not to Tea: That Is the Question. I had a carefully-considered schedule planned for these 21 days. We’d start by exploring the possibilities that black teas have to offer, move on to green and white, and then we’d… Continue Reading →

Day 4: Let Them Eat (Tea) Cake

I thought I’d take a detour today to offer a yummy teatime treat from one of my favourite bakers and imaginary best friend, Chetna Makan (you know her from The Great British Baking Show). I’ve been working through her cookbooks… Continue Reading →

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