What’s a Veg Gal Gotta Do to Get Some Food Around Here?

Getting your veggie-friendly eat on is difficult anywhere, let alone down in the Heart of Dixie. If you’re a Southern veg, you know the drill–your friends are meeting at xyz restaurant, so you look at the menu, and to your delight you see…salad. Nothing says partay time like wilted iceberg lettuce and mushy tomatoes. You get in the habit of preparing for parties by scarfing down a quick meal before you leave the house, so that you can at least share a drink with your frands, who bring ribs to your veggie cookout like they can’t survive one meal without meat (okay, I’m projecting, but that’s the beauty of 2nd-person narration).

And for (Southern) Latina vegetarians? It’s hard enough finding cultural staples in the Dirty South. Well, you don’t have to sacrifice your alcapurrias, pastelitos, rellenos de papas, sancocho, tacos, tamales, sopes, and enchiladas at the next family gathering. No need to sit in the corner, mouth watering, tempted to cheat your moral compass for just that one taste of those flautas de pollo. We’ve got you covered there, too. Just consider this your trusted Southern-sin-Carne handbook written by someone who loves food as much as you do (click the handbook link to learn more about me).

With holidays around the corner, don't even think to go sin pasteles!

With holidays around the corner, don’t even think to go sin pasteles!