We celebrated National Mojito Day when it rolled around on July 11th, but if your Monday was anything like mine, you’d agree that an encore celebration wouldn’t do us wrong. So, if you still have leftover rum from last Wednesday, drink another one with me!

Mojitos are generally perfect for summer because of the refreshing mint and lime duo, along with rum, sugar, and sparkling water. I wanted something fruitier this time, so I added a few ingredients to the list. Cocktail purists (do they exist?) may disagree, but I think so long as you keep to rum, lime, and mint, you can pretty much add anything to this baby.

Mojito Fruits by Heart of Pixie

I started with what I had in the fridge that needed to be used soon, so I landed on pineapple and blackberries. Also, you may remember that we’ve been growing some delicious chocolate mint, which smells divine and has a lovely flavour. Oh, and I used wine glasses because those were the only clear glasses I have that are big enough. K and I need to step our cocktail game up.

Ingredients for One Piña y Blackberry Mojito

10 mint leaves, freshly torn from the stem

4-7 blackberries

1/4 cup chunks of fresh pineapple

1/4 cup pineapple juice

1 tablespoon lime juice

1/2 tablespoon simple syrup (or more to taste)

1 – 2 shots white rum (to your liking)

1/4 cup club soda

Extra mint leaves, for garnish

Slice of lime, for garnish

A cute burro painting, for company

Mojito Mix by Heart of Pixie



First add your fruit and mint to the glass. Then use a pilón, tejolote, fork, or the handle end of a wooden spoon to mash, muddle, squish. The sweet fruit and sharp mint should envelop you in summer-fun excitement. Add the next ingredients up to the rum, stirring gently. Maybe add ice here, if you want. I didn’t because all my ingredients had been chilled…and I also didn’t have any ice. I was obviously really prepared. Add the club soda, stir, and then top with mint leaves and a slice of lime. Yum!

I’m still a cocktail novice despite having judged that cocktail contest awhile back, but I did enjoy this concoction, and I hope you do, too.

What’s your favourite mojito variant?