I start most days with tea and some kind of biscuit (what most ‘mericans would call a cookie). Usually, the biscuit I eat is a digestive biscuit, and mostly we buy my favourite, McVitie’s dark chocolate, but we’ve also tried the milk chocolate and Hobnobs. McVitie’s is also the best-selling biscuit in the UK, so it’s safe to say that others agree with me. Digestive biscuits were originally produced to aid with digestion, but I wouldn’t consider digestives today to be a health food. Healthy or not, they’re a delightful pair with tea and made to be dunked.

Two McVitie's Digestive Biscuits

While I’ve found many a recipe floating around the net, I decided to try the recipe for digestive biscuits from The Great British Bake Off: Big Book of BakingAs you will soon learn, I am obsessed with GBBO and all of its many spin offs, and I like to try my hands at what I see on the shows. I’ve also been (the only contestant) on the American British Bake Off (currently in post-production. You’ll learn more about that later…)

Three Different Digestive Biscuits

Three Different Digestive Biscuits

Anyways, my love of digestive biscuits and GBBO united for this post! While I still appreciate the McVitie’s, the homemade digestives have a better texture and hold together a bit better when dunked in tea. It also offers a satisfying flavour and tastes more like a crumbly cookie than a graham cracker (which store-bought digestives kind of taste like).

I’m going to make these more often, especially because leaving the off the chocolate makes them work well as savory crackers. The recipe also offers other suggestions for making them savory that I plan to try (like always, you should expect a review of this cookbook in the near future). But for the lazy days, there’s always McVitie’s!

What’s your favorite treat to dunk in tea?