As a devoted Ravenclaw alumna, I figured I ought to devote a post to The Grey Lady’s favourite sulkytime tea (I mean, I think that’s maybe probably true).

Lady Grey is a Twinings exclusive, created by them in the 90s. According to The Telegraph, Twinings developed this recipe to appeal to a Nordic market. As detailed on Twinings’ website, Lady Grey consists of black teas from China, Central Africa, and India. It’s really similar to Earl Grey because it also includes bergamot flavoring, but it differs in that it contains orange and lemon peels as well.

Lady Grey

The result is a gentler lift and a more subtle citrus that can be taken plain or sweetened. I actually enjoy it most plain when brewed for 2 minutes. If brewed nearer to it’s maximum of 4 minutes, I add either lemon and sugar or honey.

One lump or two?

One lump or two?

It’s hard to stay sulky after a cup of this lady. Cheers, Helena!