Since the Avondale Common House relies on seasonal, local produce, their menu seems to change a lot, so there’s no telling if what we got will be an option for you, but I guarantee whatever they have will be so delish!

The Entree

I got the Alabama Grown Veggie Plate, an entree that’s also gluten free. This veggie plate is the first I’ve ever had that impressed me with every bite. Usually I can find a good veg or two on the plate but end up with at least one disappointment. Not this time–everything on that plate was perfect, starting with the crisp, flavorful produce they used in the salad. The lettuce wasn’t bitter, and the salad dressing, a smoked tomato vinaigrette, was superb.

Avondale Common House Veggie Plate

The green beans, or haricot verts, were just firm enough and chock-full of flavor and paired really nicely with the gentle give of the charred tomatoes (I keep wanting to say the “squish” of the tomatoes, but that’s like the least appetizing word ever, isn’t it?). The summer squash gratin was my favorite. The cornbread was denser than what I’d make at home but moist without being rubbery and with a great flavor.

Kenton got the Buffalo Cauliflower Po’boy, which is similar to the one we make at home fairly often. Ours never comes out like this, though–I don’t think this po’boy is designed to fit in your mouth (which was awesome for me, so I had an excuse to help Kent eat it). The perfectly battered cauliflower with just the right amount of spice was the best–on par (or dare I say, better?) than Kent’s specialty at home. Their buttermilk dressing does its job beautifully.

Buffalo Cauliflower Po-Boy from Avondale Common House

Buffalo Cauliflower Po-Boy from Avondale Common House


Yummy blueberry biscuits.

Yummy blueberry biscuits.

Blueberry biscuits. The lemon cuts through for a palate-pleasing bite against the sweetness of the tastes-like-home indulgence of the Chantilly cream. The biscuit itself was crumbly, and I could have done with some sort of syrup soak to moisten it up a bit, but that can be expected from a cornmeal base, and the overall flavor medley was pleasant enough. I wish I had saved one of the three to have the next morning with tea–methinks this would have been the perfect marriage.

Overall Impression

It is really difficult for us to find fault with anything we tried from the menu–and that’s quite the feat for a menu that also caters to meat-eating folk. I can honestly say that the veggie plate I had was better than any I’ve ever had from even a vegetarian-only restaurant. Props to the folks at Avondale Common House–can’t wait to see what that coming-soon (Spring 2019) Trussville location is hitting on!