I. Absolutely. Love. Ethiopian. Food: the flavors, colors, the communal experience, the vegetarian options–all of it!

And I’m not the only one! The foodies of Birmingham had been waiting for ages for this moment–the arrival of Ghion Cultural Hall at the Pizitz Food Hall in downtown. Ghion is the Birmingham sibling of the Atlanta-based restaurant, which I haven’t visited, but would enjoy comparing the two in the future.

The Pizitz Food Hall

The Pizitz Food Hall in downtown Birmingham is a must visit!

We’ve been to Ghion Hall several times now, and everything is always spectacularly flavored, and we always leave content, no matter how many of us are sharing. The injera, one of my favorite flatbreads, is made fresh daily at the restaurant. The only negative I can say about their injera is that sometimes we run out and have to ask for more. I think maybe we need to learn to grab more food per bite haha. This is definitely a splurge meal, since the prices are a bit higher than what you’d find outside of Pizitz Hall, but the experience alone is worth the $. It helps that the food is delish, though.

When you get to the Pizitz building, you’ll usually park in the lot (which is free for up to 2 hours), but sometimes you can find a spot on the street. If you park in the lot, though, you’ll take the elevator down to the ground floor and walk through the outdoor seating area. Ghion is the first restaurant when you get inside. Unless I’m super hungry, I typically prefer to wait for a mesob basket rather than eat at the bar or outside, but there is al fresco seating available as well as seating in the Pizitz proper.

Mesob Basket

Mesob Basket with the lid on top at Ghion Cultural Hall.

Make sure to ask for cups of water instead of bottled water, take a friend with you, and enjoy!