I don’t have a recipe to share today, but I do want to give a shot out to my beautiful latina mom! All last night, while watching the election numbers trickle in with my Facebook feed open, I felt reassured that I, alone in my living room, wasn’t alone in my anxiety over how close the votes seemed to be. Not only were we all together in our nervousness, but we shared something else, too. Most of my friends were cooking or drinking and eating constantly, like some kind of culinary coping mechanism. Many celebrated Taco Tuesday, my go-to during the debate season.

I was so lucky last night because my mom, sad that I missed her TWD gathering that Sunday, decided to cook me and Kent a huge dinner and bring it all the way to our house. And she threw down–piononos, pastelitos (including a teeny one to trick Kent with), arroz con gandules, a slice of perfectly ripened avocado, and a malta was just the right about of munch that I needed last night. It was probably the fullness combined with my sadness that caused me to watch an ASMR video and then go to bed before the final results came in.

When I awoke to the “news” (since I already had the hunch the night before), I was consoled by the awesome leftovers I’d have for lunch. It came right on time, too, because I spent my classes trying not to cry in front of my students…

Anyway, expect recetas for these veggiefied boricua classics soon! 🙂

What’s your go-to comfort food?