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May 2018

Day 12: Matcha Oreos!

Years ago my brother received a package of goodies from family in Japan, and among the treats were Green Tea KitKats. They were so good that I’m pretty sure we ate the whole bag that same day. Since then they’ve… Continue Reading →

Day 11: Green Tea

Green Tea Besides chamomile and peppermint, which I now know to actually be tisanes, green tea was my first introduction to tea long ago. It has been my go-to when I’ve been sick, along with some lemon juice and honey…. Continue Reading →

Day 10: White Tea

Remember that when we talk about white, green, or black tea we’re talking about the same plant–Camellia sinensis–and that whether it’s one or the other depends on how long it as allowed to oxidize. White tea is considered the mildest iteration of… Continue Reading →

Day 9: Rooibos Part 2–Green and…Chocolate!

Green Rooibos If you do any research on the topic, an assertion you’ll see floating around the internet a lot is that “red rooibos is fermented while green rooibos is not.” While it’s true that the red rooibos undergoes processing… Continue Reading →

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